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Let the Healing Begin !

Introducing Dr. Michael Venice.

Michael Venice, D.N. is a licensed Doctor of Naprapathy, a branch of alternative medicine that specializes in the treatment of musculoskeletal issues, such as ligament, tendon and muscle pain. Naprapathy uses manipulation, nutritional counseling and a wide range of therapeutic modalities to address these pains. Dr. Venice earned his doctorate from the National College of Naprapathic Medicine in Chicago.

Before embarking on his career in naprapathy, Dr. Venice earned his bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Indiana State University and practiced as a fitness trainer, helping others improve sports performance and correct conditions related to injuries and aging. It was during this time while he worked to reduce the pain of his trainees that he was introduced to naprapathy.

As he worked to reduce their pain and improve agility and performance, he was introduced to naprapathy and discovered how effective it was at restoring physical function and improving health.

“Not only did it work for my patients, but I tried it for my own neck pain and was amazed by the results,” Dr. Venice says. “That was a turning point for me, when I became passionate about naprapathy and what it can do to relieve pain, improve health and quality of life.”

Dr. Venice is dedicated to relieving pain; restoring mobility and helping patients attain maximum health and well-being. After a careful evaluation, he applies the appropriate naprapathic tools - manipulation, nutritional advice, treatment or a combination of the three – and always strives for the best outcomes
for those in his care.

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