Cryoprobe® Skin Lesion Removal

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Say goodbye forever to unwanted skin lesions. Your confidence will be renewed with this quick and easy Medspa procedure.

The CryoProbe® is a unique precision pen-like instrument that delivers a fine pinpoint spray of pressurized liquid nitrous oxide (NO) at constant temperature of -127° F, which destroys annoying skin lesions such as skin tags, moles and warts.

Benefits of Cryoprobe® Therapy

  • Liquid NO is applied to skin lesions with precision and accuracy to penetrate lesions at 1 mm per five seconds of freeze time.
  • Eliminates the danger of excessive tissue damage and scar formation because it has a maximum penetration depth of approximately 5 mm.
  • Exceeds the results achieved by application of a refrigerant such as liquid nitrogen by swab or by gun.
  • Creates less collateral tissue damage due to its extreme precision. Does not require anesthesia for most skin lesion therapy

Cryotherapy FAQS:


What lesions can be treated with Cryoprobe®?

The Cryoprobe® can successfully treat epidermal skin lesions such as warts, mosaic verrucae, porokeratosis, molluscum contagiosum, actinic and seborrheic keratosis, cherry angiomas, skin tags, epidermal nevi and solar lentigos (brown liver spots). Plantar wart removal may require 2-3 treatments spaced at 2-3 week intervals. The Cryoprobe® is expressly not intended for the treatment of skin cancer lesion.

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How does the skin lesion look after treatment?

There is usually an immediate response of erythema (feeling of skin burning) near the area around the lesion, with a slight rising of the lesion away from the surrounding skin. Also, depending upon a patient’s skin type, there may be an appearance of a small "white halo" around the lesion, indicating that histamine was released from the destroyed cells of the lesion.  A blister may also form in areas where the surrounding skin is extremely thin. The blister should be left intact and allowed to gradually peel off naturally.

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What is the typical aftercare for treated lesions?

Typically lesions treated with CryoProbe® do not require any post-treatment medical management since the epidermis remains intact. This reduces the danger of infection and reduces postoperative discomfort.

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