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HD Sclerotherapy

Removal of unsightly spider veins is possible with HD Sclerothery.

The appearance of spider veins is caused by abnormal blood flow and unstable blood vessel walls of the legs and can affect both men and women.  HD sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure where a liquid solution is injected directly into the vein, weakening the targeted vein walls to the point where they collapse and vanish.  This procedure allows you to recapture the beauty of you legs and other affected areas of the body.

Sclerotherapy Background Information

After the first treatment is complete, you should wear support hose for three days, day and night; then wear them for three weeks taking them off at night. You can never wear them too much.

Significant bruising may occur, especially after the first treatment. Do not be alarmed, this is a normal response.

Slight discomfort such as aching or throbbing may occur after the initial treatment. Walking will help to dissipate this sensation. If discomfort continues, Ibuprofen may be taken with food. The vessels may appear to turn dark in color and/or be slightly tender. This could be an entrapment of blood in the closed vessels, a normal response to the procedure, and will be evacuated at the time of the next treatment session. This is why the first two treatment sessions are the most important.

You may apply cream or lotion to your legs the evening of your treatment. Shaving should be postponed until the following day. Hot tubs, saunas and long hot baths are not recommended for one week following treatment.

Exercise is an important part of the healing process. A 20 minute walk or bike ride once or twice a day is best for the healing process. If you are already involved in an exercise program, we encourage you to continue.

The only exercises to avoid are leg exercises with weights and high impact aerobics. These activities should be avoided for seven (7) days.

Sun exposure is NOT recommended for 10 days after your treatment. Sunburn on areas that have recently been treated could result in skin damage.

It is important to remember that is has often taken years for these veins to develop, and they will not disappear overnight. Around the same time that bruising resolves (10 to 14 days), fading and lightening of your spider veins occurs.

Sclerotherapy FAQs:

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a popular method for eliminating spider veins that utilizes various solutions, called sclerosing agents, which are injected into the veins. Various sclerosing agents are available in the US. Dr. Diaz will discuss the various agents with you and chose which one is best suited to your needs.

Does Sclerotherapy work for everyone?

The majority of persons who have sclerotherapy performed note improvement in the appearance of the spider veins after 2 treatments. Most patients require 6 treatments for complete clearing of the veins. Approximately 10% of patients who undergo sclerotherapy will have veins that do not totally disappear after six treatments. In very rare instances the patient’s condition may become worse after sclerotherapy treatment. The best results will be obtained when the patient is conscientious about wearing the suggested support hose for three days following the injections.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments needed to clear or improve the condition differs from patient to patient, depending on the size of the spider veins. One to six or more treatments may be needed; the average is three to four. Individual veins usually require one to three treatments. Because only 3cc of sclerosing solution may be injected per visit, patients with many spider veins may only be able to have 30% - 50% of them treated each visit. Dr. Diaz will discuss this with you during your consultation appointment. Injections may be performed every 2 weeks. Each treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.

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What are common side effects?

The most common side effects experienced with sclerotherapy treatments include the following:

  • Cramping: Depending on the type of solution used, a patient may experience mild cramping along the vein route.This normally lasts 20 minutes but may persist longer in a minority of patients. Slight itching may be noted along the vein route for one hour after treatment and may persist for one or two days in a minority of patients.

  • Transient Hyperpigmentation: Approximately 10% of patients who undergo sclerotherapy notice discoloration (light brown streaks) after treatment. In almost every patient the veins become darker immediately after the procedure. This darkening usually resolves in 10 to 14 days. In rare instances, this darkening of the vein persists for 4 to 12 months. The use of sunscreen on the legs after treatment may help decrease the incidence of these streaks.

  • Erosions/blisters: Erosions occur in less than 1% of the patients who receive sclerotherapy. Small ulcerations at the injection site heals slowly over 1 to 2 months. A blister may form, open, and become ulcerated. The scar that follows should return to a normal color. This occurrence usually represents injection into or near a small artery and is not preventable. However, this is an uncommon side effect.

  • Allergic reactions: Very rarely, a patient may have an allergic reaction to the sclerosing agent used. The risk of an allergic reaction is greater in patients who have a history of allergies. Dr. Diaz uses NaCl 23.5% as the sclerosing solution because it has the lowest incidence of allergic reactions when compared to the other solutions available on the market.

  • Pain: The needles used to inject are the same size as an acupuncture needle, therefore patients rarely complain of pain from the needles. However, a few patients experience moderate to severe pain that they describe as cramping after the solution is injected in larger veins. This uncomfortable sensation usually resolves in less than 20 minutes. The veins may be tender to the touch after treatment. This pain is usually temporary, and in most cases lasts 1 to 2 days.

  • Bruising: Bruising may occur at the site of injection. Patients should avoid taking aspirin, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Vitamin E, and green tea for 10 days prior to receiving the injections.

  • Telangiectatic matting: This refers to the development of new tiny blood vessels in the foot or ankle. It usually resolves in a few days and is lessened by wearing the prescribed support stockings.

  • Ankle swelling: Ankle swelling may occur after treatment of blood vessels in the foot or ankle. It usually resolves in a few days and is lessened by wearing the prescribed support stockings.

  • Phlebitis: Phlebitis is a very rare complication, seen in approximately 1 out of every 1,000 patients treated for varicose veins greater than 3 to 4 mm in diameter. However, varicose veins of this size are not treated by sclerotherapy, as there are new surgical options that are available. If this is your case, ask Dr. Diaz for more information.

The best results will be obtained if the patient wears support stocking with at least 18mm Hg pressure. These may be purchased through HDMedSpa as well as from local pharmacies. Walking and exercise is encouraged after the procedure and there are no restrictions on activity after the procedure. Patients may want to wear pants the day of the injection because cotton balls will be taped over the injected areas. The cotton balls may be removed 6 hours after the treatment.

What are the possible complications if spider veins are not treated?

The spider veins will continue to get bigger, and therefore, more painful to treat. However, there are no health risks associated with small spider veins. This is a cosmetic problem.

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